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Year 3

Welcome to Y3


Topics and Trips


Autumn Term

We start the year with a geography and history unit called Where in the World am I?  It will start with a location activity and map work task linked to our school and will build up to a piece of work focused on Southampton. We will also have a science unit based on nutrition called 'There's a rumble in my tummy'. The children will be designing, making and evaluating a healthy sandwich.  We also plan to teach a science unit about magnets and forces which is titled 'Feel the Force'. 

Alongside all the brilliant learning, the children also lead the school with the Christmas celebrations and will be perform and sing in the December Christmas Production. 


Spring Term 

We will launch the return to school with 'Let there be light' this is a science unit about light and we plan to produce a shadow puppet show to apply our light skills. 

Our main topics for this term are The Dawn of Time and Meet the Flintstones (The Stone Age). Through these topics we will cover rocks and soils, volcanoes and earthquakes.  There will be a visit Butser Farm to learn all about Stone Age life.


Summer Term

This term is always a popular one. We learn all about the Ancient Egyptians in 'Where's my mummy?' There will be an Ancient Egyptian Day where the children (and teachers) have the opportunity to dress up as Ancient Egyptians and take part in a play in a day activity. Ben from Treehouse Theatre involves all the children in a fun and interactive day. We also learn all about plants in 'Blooming Marvellous'. 


If you have any questions about the work or school routines, please speak to your child's classteacher or myself.


We hope you have a brilliant Year 3 year with us. 


New Intake Evening

Belated World Book Day!


Children were pleased to still have the opportunity to wear their costumes. They all looked great!

Picture 1




In Year 3 we have been looking at some rhyming poems. We analysed the features of a poem called ‘I saw’ and then created our own class versions of the poems. Take a look at what we created.




I saw a cat swallowing a tree

I saw a house talking to a bee

I saw a rhino riding a whale

I saw a car driving a snail

I saw a dog eating a pear

I saw a toad in his underwear

I saw a man walking a mouse

I saw a tiger on top of my house

I saw an alien marrying a shark

I saw a pig having a party in the park

I saw a baby driving a car

I saw a frog drinking at a bar

I saw a dinosaur stand on a bat's wing

I saw a leopard wearing a ring

I saw a dog doing his times tables

I saw a blue lobster rolling around in a stable

I saw a tree growing in the middle of my room

I saw a cow flying on a broom.





I saw a running cheetah made of stone

I saw a whale steal a humongous bone

I saw a lion riding a giraffe

I saw a monkey in my bubbly bath

I saw a panda with a pink tail

I saw a walrus hiding in my mail

I saw a green frog jumping with a bird

I saw a black spider writing a word

I saw a lion on Santa’s beautiful sleigh

I saw a zebra shouting bay

I saw an ant licking a big snail

I saw a house cutting their nails

I saw a steaming teacup on a house

I saw an insect eating a mouse





I saw a unicorn as it spread its lacy wings

I saw an angel talking as she sings

I saw a silent dream creeping on the ground

I saw a cloud that made an enormous sound

I saw a cheetah sat purring on me

I saw a fish climb up a big tree

I saw a tiger swallow up lots of books

I saw a busy sea full of cooks

I saw a blazing dragon dropping hail

I saw a rocket with a fiery tail

I saw a moon with a tiger curled round

I saw a lion roar that didn’t make a sound

I saw a deadly shark dance with a whale

I saw a raging sea with a surfing snail

I saw a monkey with a silver banana

I saw a seal walk around in the Savannah





I saw a pea in a bikini

I saw a frog in a Lamborghini

I saw the sun on a sunset run

I saw the moon in a burger bun

I saw a car as big as a house

I saw a gold bracelet that looked like a louse

I saw a turtle walking a donkey

I saw a bug in a cheese that was wonky

I saw a hail that rained a giant snail

I saw a racoon that squashed a whale

I saw a storm stuck in a muddy bog

I saw a snowflake shaped like a big dog

Children in Need 2017!

It was amazing to see so many children dressed in dots today from face paint to dotty tights to spotty t-shirts. All the children looked fab! Thank you everybody for all your donations towards Children in Need we raised over £600 as a school.

Picture 1

A rumble in my tummy!


During our new science topic, we have been looking at the human and animal skeletons. Firstly, we predicted which bones we thought we had within our bodies and then we measured our bones. We tried to ensure we measured accurately using tape measures. We then predicted whether animals were vertebrates or invertebrates and looked at some pictures of animal skeletons.

Where in the world?


Over the past few weeks, as part of our geography topic, Year 3 have been looking at where in the world we are located. We have been practising our map skills by using atlases to label different cities and counties. It has been interesting to hear where some of our relatives and friends come from.

Picture 1
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