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Year 5

Avon Tyrrell Feb 18

What a busy final day we have all had here at Avon Tyrrell! The day began with a 7:30 walk out into the heath land where the children enjoyed looking for ponies and other wildlife! We were lucky enough to spy some deer as they ran across the path. By the time we returned to the house, the children were ready for their breakfast which included pain au chocolat! They  then began their day of activities which included shelter building (where some of the children got rather wet) followed by problem solving activities which had us all in stitches! They then moved onto trekking where one pupil spotted  fox tracks and 2 different varieties of deer! This was extremely exciting! Finally, the children carried out drawings of the beautiful features within the house. 


Now the children are warming up inside and packing their things ready to leave tomorrow. However, we still have tonight's games to look forward to. We have organised a night walk so that the children can admire the night sky (weather permitting!) and will end the day with a warming cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. I don't think it will take them long to fall asleep!



All the children have arrived safely and settled in quickly. So far we have unpacked and made our beds - which was interesting- and been for an  hours walk around the 65 acres of land. It was a delight to listen to the children make comments such as, 'This place is amazing!' and 'I'm so excited to be here!' After the walk and fire drill, we all sat down and enjoyed a delicious lunch which gave us the much needed fuel for the orienteering.


The children have now completed the orienteering course, despite the cold, and are now warming up before dinner. They will then be getting ready for the night games. This evenings activities include working in teams to locate buckets hidden around the outside of the house in the dark. There are 10 buckets, and each bucket contains letters. The children have to find all 10 buckets and then work out what word the letters make. After this, they will be warming up and writing their postcards home which we will post tomorrow. 


Hopefully, after such a busy day, the children will go straight to sleep as they will be up early to carry out a 2.5 mile walk before breakfast! 

Enjoying looking at the photos from today and seeing how happy and excited all the children are!


What a wonderful, chilly day we have had here at Avon Tyrrell! It all began at 7am when we woke the children up and got them ready for the early morning walk - there were a few groans! We set off walking at 7:30 and the children were completely blown away by the picturesque landscape which was carpeted in a thick blanket of white frost. We were lucky enough to see horses and the children loved the natural obstacle courses which we had to navigate. Once we reached the perimeter of Avon Tyrrell, many of the children made a point of telling me how much they had enjoyed their walk which made it all so worth while! After a welcomed cooked breakfast, the morning activities began! The grounds of Avon Tyrrell were filled with the sounds of laughter and giggles from staff and children whilst building shelters, solving problems, searching for animals and drawing. After lunch we carried on the fun, and not once did any of the children complain about the cold. I was so proud of them! We ended the afternoon with a game of football whilst other children preferred to blow bubbles and skip! If the days activities have not tired them out, the night walk and mind numbing (highly competitive) game of Dingbats will! The children and staff  have been on the go since 7am so hopefully they will go straight to sleep as they all did last night! 

We have all arrived safely and the children have been busy orienteering around the 65 acres of woodland which surrounds this beautiful building. The children have unpacked their cases and successfully made their beds, if with a little help from staff! Lunch was also popular with all the children and provided much needed fuel whilst out in the cold, the photo of Mr Kirby, Miss Cunningham and myself demonstrate just how cold it is! The children are warming up in their rooms before dinner and then the night games begin! It is an early get up for us all tomorrow as we enjoy, what will be a magical and cold morning walk - photos to follow!



To parents and children - welcome to year 5! I’m sure that your child has settled into his/her new class and is back into the swing of the school routine. During the past few days I have been impressed with the work in the children’s books. All the children have worked incredibly hard on their presentation and learning and I look forward to this continuing during the year. 


Thank you for supporting your child with his/her learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher or to myself.

Mrs S. Gowers

Space Dome

On Friday 29th September, year 5 enjoyed a visit from Space Dome. Professor T welcomed us into the tent and showed us the wonders of the universe projected onto the ceiling above. We were able to take a tour through our Solar System, watch the planets spin through space, learn about how the tilted axis of the Earth gives us seasons, and were even lucky enough to experience travelling through a black hole!

We ended our stellar visit by riding an adrenaline-filled roller coaster through the rings of Saturn!

Our Solar System

After our Space Dome visit, Year 5 were inspired to create 3-D models of the Solar System. We worked in groups to select the correct size model for each planet, and paint them as accurately as possible. We then had to work out the order of the planets, and attach them correctly to the Sun, which is in the centre of the Solar System. We finished with models that represented the planets, and their orbits, which are hanging in the Year 5 classrooms.

Our Solar Sytem models

Celestial Collages

Year 5 have been busy creating collages of space scenes. To create our collages we were only allowed to use paper or foil, and had to cut and layer shapes to form our images. An added challenge was that we were limited to a maximum of 4 colours! 

We thought about what we have learnt so far in our topic to design our collages; you might be able to spot some NASA astronauts, or perhaps the Cassini space probe.



Groovy Greeks

Our Ancient Greece topic began with an exciting dress up day. In our Ancient Greek costume we spent the day trying a range of activities that helped us learn about different aspects of Ancient Greek life. We learnt about the Greek gods (who resided on Mount Olympus) and heard the awesome tales of their power. We thought about day-to-day life for Ancient Greek citizens, and what their homes would have been like. We were even able to taste Ancient Greek food! We also thought about Ancient Greek art and theatre, creating our own mosaics, decorated plates, and performed a play of Theseus and the Minotaur!


Le Temps

In French, year 5 have been learning about the weather. Over the last half term, we have built upon our previous French learning with new vocabulary and grammar, which we then used to write a script for a weekly weather report. After practising, we performed our weather reports as if we were presenting for a national news station in France! Take a look at some of our videos to find out whether you need your umbrella or a sun hat!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Alfie M weather.MOV

Still image for this video

Nina weather.MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Art Week

For art week, year 5 were inspired by Native American artwork. We studied different forms of art from different Native American time periods and tribes. Totem poles, dreamcatchers, mosaic beading, Haida drawings, headdresses and painted stones were traditional arts and crafts that we used as a basis for our own artwork. Many of the traditional art had similar themes: can you spot any themes in our art?

Our pen drawings were inspired by Haida artwork


Our dreamcatchers

Mosaic jewellery

Painted stones


Totem poles

Class wheels

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