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Value of the Month: We know that our behaviour affects our rights and the rights of others.
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Welcome to Fair Oak Junior School!


Welcome to Fair Oak Junior School. This website will give you a glimpse of what life at Fair Oak is like and we hope that you find it interesting and informative.


At Fair Oak we aim to give every child the very best education through vibrant and engaging teaching, enabling the children to become enthusiastic, active learners as part of an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum.


Throughout the school we want our children to enjoy a wide range of experiences which bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun. All our staff work hard to ensure the best possible quality of education for the children in every year group. Whilst you’re here, take a look at the topic curriculum maps in the year group pages.


We are proud of all the children at Fair Oak and are passionate to ensure they make progress. We are so grateful to have the support of the whole school community as together, as part of the Fair Oak Family, we will continue to Inspire successful learning.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require further information. 


See the update from Mr De Silva's latest newsletter below.


Parents, please do let the school know if you would like free paper copies of information contained on the website.



Dear Fair Oak Family,


How is this possible? The end of the year has come so quickly…but what a year. The learning has been fantastic and we are really proud of all the pupils for their achievements this year. Whilst these achievements are measured in curriculum subjects, I have really noticed a rise in selfless acts – where children have been incredibly kind to other members of the Fair Oak Family. What’s even better is that they are choosing to be kind because it’s the right thing to do not just for house points/dojos.


On July 10th we received the SATs results. These are:



Writing (teacher assessed)


Grammar, Punctuations and Spelling (GPS)

Combined Reading, writing and maths

At Standard

Higher standard

At Standard

Greater Depth standard

At Standard

Higher standard

At Standard

Higher standard

At Standard

Higher standard

Fair Oak























I am proud of our children and that Fair Oak Junior School is statistically a higher attaining school (than national).


On Wednesday 11th, Miss Legg took children to the Pyramid Arts Festival in the Big Top. The concert in the evening (moved slightly earlier due to a certain football match) was amazing. The children did a fab job and we are very proud of their performance and their effort during the day –something commented on by the Wyvern pupils and staff.


Friday 13th July - You may have noticed that your child came home rather wet…or with painted nails…or with a strange colour in their hair as a result of the year 6 mini fayre. The children had a wonderful time. Thank you to the whole year 6 team, especially the children, as the fayre was very successful. Not even the rain could stop the fun!


On Monday 16th I held my last school council meeting of the year. Thank you to all the children for their hard work this year. A lot has changed this year. The children were involved in the library changes (along with Mrs Smith’s amazing librarians) and have been part of the negotiations for the kitchen and of course the uniform changes for September 2019. There are so many changes planned for during the summer holiday to our school site – it certainly will be a busy one. Every change we implement is done with your child and the school community in mind and it has been wonderful to receive all the positive messages about changes we’ve made and changes we are planning on making. As I’ve said a number of times, changes are made for numerous reasons.


During the evenings this week year 6 children performed Annie. These performances were absolutely brilliant and our year 6 children…well…they did us proud! This year’s performance was slightly different as it included the leaver’s assembly. It was great to see just how much the children have grown during their 4 years here – not just in height, but in confidence, emotionally and socially,


On Wednesday 18th I went to watch the year 2 leaver’s assembly. It was wonderful to see this and to be involved in this ‘rite of passage’. We are really looking forward to them joining the Family in September. We also said farewell to Mrs Chant and Mrs Merriman on Wednesday 18th. They have been at Fair Oak for a combined 41 years and will be missed hugely. We are also saying goodbye to Mrs Quinn, Miss Cunningham and Mr Ford. Thank you to them for all they have contributed to the school.


Friday 20th – the last day. As I write this (9am), I can hear the buzz along the street. This morning I held a very brief staff meeting to thank the staff for their amazing work this year. Thank you to all of them. At 9.30 the year 6 children will be performing their assembly to the whole school. The PSA have planned their year 6 celebration for this afternoon – hopefully the weather will be okay!


Thank you to all the members of the Fair Oak Family for their hard work and support, from my fantastic staff and governors through to my super parents and of course our amazing children. The year has certainly been busy – as you can see from our final picture montage below. I’m sure your child has been set some type of homework for the summer, but I would like to set my own:

  1. Watch a sunrise and a sunset
  2. If it’s raining cats and dogs, go out and play in the rain
  3. Write a letter to someone important to you
  4. Have at least 3 days during the holiday without TV, computers, tablets, phones or any other type of technology
  5. Read a whole book and try to read some of it to a member of your family
  6. Lie on the grass and stare at the clouds – see if they make any funny shapes
  7. Try a new food
  8. Pick up someone else’s litter
  9. Remember your manners - especially to your parents
  10. Have fun being a child, but try not to break anything!

Whilst I don’t need to see the evidence of this homework, you will definitely be needed to support your child with it. There might even be parts of the homework that you want to try – they say adults are the best role models!


Have a wonderful summer holiday. Thank you once again for all your support this year.

Mr De Silva


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