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High Expectations

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Governors’ Welcome

Our school is highly regarded and, we believe, offers a wide and varied curriculum to enable all our children to progress and achieve their potential.

As you can see on our website there is a wide and varied range of extra activities that are supported by the school from computer code club to rugby and from dance to choir. Some are run by our own dedicated staff and others by external providers to ensure we provide the widest possible range that we can.

Fair Oak Junior School is one of the largest junior schools in Hampshire, and indeed the country. It is a popular, innovative and successful school with four/five classes per year group.
Our vision and aims are:
•    To help everyone enjoy learning and achieve success
•    To provide a safe and caring place where everyone is valued and respected
•    Expect the highest standards in work and behaviour
•    Promote healthy lifestyles
•    Encourage everyone to make positive contributions in school and the wider Community
•    Prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life
•    Encourage partnership between children, parents, staff, governors and the Community
•    Raise spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and develop respect for Everyone
•    Provide the highest standards of teaching, learning and care in a broad and balanced curriculum
•    Develop confident and independent learners
The Governing Body is committed to making a positive contribution to the school and the education of the children. Our primary role is to 'challenge and support', by working in close partnership with our school's leadership team, to promote continuous improvement in the school's performance and its future development.
On behalf of the governing body I would like to welcome you to Fair Oak Junior School.
Rob Gardner
Chair of Governors

The role of the governors

School governors are essential to the overall organisation and effectiveness of our school. All are volunteers and are appointed they represent the parents, the staff, the Local Education Authority and the community. There are also sponsor, partnership and associate governors who offer additional expertise or support.

At Fair Oak Junior School the Headteacher and governing body work in close partnership to set aims and objectives for the school, to adopt policies and to set targets for achieving those aims and objectives.

The governing body meets as a whole six times a year and receives reports from the Headteacher on the main aspects of school life. In addition there are a number of committees which consider standards, resources, finance, and the extended schools project or campus issues. Governors are also welcomed to undertake planned visits to look at specific aspects of the school’s work.

Crucially, the role of governors is to monitor, evaluate, challenge and support the school to develop and promote high standards of care and educational achievement for every child.

Annual Statement of Governance from the Governors of Fair Oak Junior School 2017/8 - to be updated after FGB on 26th June 2019

Welcome to our first Annual Statement of Governance. Its purpose is to share key aspects we have been working on as a Governing Body this year and our areas of focus going forward.
The governing body in our school has a legal responsibility which can be summarised by three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
The governing body takes an active role in contributing to the School Improvement plan and receives regular updates via the Senior Leadership team on progress made against all targets.
Governors visit the school throughout the year to monitor the School Improvement Plan.
All documentation uses the same III format (Issue, Initiatives and Impact).
Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
We meet every half term as a full Governing Body, and have two main sub committees. These are the Resources committee, responsible for financial aspects of the school, and the Curriculum and Standards committee whose purpose is to focus on the curriculum itself as well as children’s attainment and progress.

There is also a Pay Committee which meets once a year to ratify pay awards to members of staff and a Headteacher Performance Management Committee to manage the Headteacher’s performance.

We also have committees that meet, if required, to consider pupil discipline and staffing matters.
Link Governors are appointed to oversee, monitor and report on specific aspects of the school, such as Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), Safeguarding, Sports Premium or subject matters like English and Maths.
Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent
All our decision making is against a context of increasing financial pressure in the education sector. As a high performing school in an area of low deprivation we receive a lower level of funding per pupil than many schools. As Governors, we work alongside the leadership team to ensure our money is spent in the areas that have the most positive impact on our children.
The work we have done in the Governing Body meetings:

  • Considered the reports of the Headteacher dealing with student performance data and strategic issues facing the school;
  • Interrogated and challenged through questioning the data to see what, if anything, the school can do better for our children;
  • We are also focused on our “vulnerable groups” of children and monitor how the Pupil Premium Grant is being spent by the school and what impact this has on their outcomes.
  • Considered the staffing required to run the school effectively;
  • Considered the financial management of the school including monthly budget monitoring reports and completing the Schools Financial Value Statement;
  • Ensured that the physical fabric of the school is well maintained by the prudent use of the Capital and Revenue resources available to the school;
  • Considered strategic issues which will affect the school in the future;
  • Ensured that the school’s policies are up to date by undertaking an annual review of all policies;
  • Ensured that Health and Safety at the school is of the highest order by considering the reports of and by undertaking inspections of the school premises and taking action on any issues identified through the reports and visits.

Future plans for the Governing Body

We are excited about the future for Fair Oak Junior School and our role within that as we continue the journey to outstanding.
We will be implementing new roles and responsibilities within our Governing Body and will be looking at more ways of actively seeking input from our parents, pupils, staff and the local community.
We will continue to keep a close eye on the budget and proactively manage our finances but, most importantly, we will continue to make decisions in the best interest of the children here at Fair Oak.
How you can contact the governing body
We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents. Please contact the School Office who will put you in touch with a governor.

Governing Body Make Up



Governor Business and Pecuniary Interests


Mr Marc Harder is currently employed by Hampshire County Council as a Government Services Associate Tutor. Mr Scott Kirby and Mrs Jane Smith are both staff members at Fair Oak Junior School. Mrs Pam Noel works with schools. Mrs Amanda Sinden is also a governor at Fair Oak Infant school. All other governors have no relevant business or pecuniary interests to declare.

  • Fair Oak Junior School
  • Botley Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh
  • Hampshire, SO50 7AN
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