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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


The Curriculum and School Trips


We have lots of exciting topics planned for this year.

The main topic of the Autumn Term is Rampaging Romans. We will be learning about who the Romans were, what they did for us and how they lived. We will be inviting an actual Roman to come in and conduct our Roman Day. This topic will end in explosive fashion when the children erupt their own Volcanoes that they might have built for a Home learning project.

In the spring term our topic will be Where the Land meets the Sea. This will be our geography topic where we will look at coasts, mountains, rivers and how our land is formed.

During the summer term we will be finding out about the achievements of the early civilisations and will be focusing on the Anglo-Saxons.

Along with our leading topics we also have some fantastic science units and will be learning about electricity and states of matter plants and habitats.


Special Events


Autumn Term – Rampaging Romans

To begin their learning journey in Year 4 we start by looking at the Romans. Children are given the chance to start their year off with a bang, looking at Pompeii and having a Volcano eruption day. We will explore how they began, where the started and how they grew as a civilisation. Further to this, the children will be given the opportunity to explore the legal system that they had, what Romans for leisure and other aspects of Roman life. In November, the children will be given the opportunity to; attend a trip to Roman Fishbourne Palace; create their very own catapults and show all their hard work through a celebration assembly.


Spring Term – Where the Land meets the Sea

This will be our Geographical topic and we will be exploring Coasts, Rivers and Mountains.

During this term the children will be taking the opportunity to partake in Swimming lessons where they will develop their skills and they will possibly be able to gain lifesaving skills.


Summer Term – Angry Anglos

As part of our History topic in the Summer Term, children will be able to gain historical insight into the lives of Anglo-Saxon and British people. They will explore the Anglo-Saxon through several different mediums. Children will be immersed in rich history and be given the chance to explore the Anglo-Saxon's life and how it has helped shape Britain today. Further to this, they will be given the opportunity to step back in time and become an Anglo-Saxon themselves with our Anglo-Saxon day.


We will be exploring several other immersive learning opportunities for the children to ensure that we can develop our skills in all areas of the curriculum.



Curriculum Evening Presentation

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