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Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Evening presentation

Year 3 2020-2021

Today Year 3 had great fun in science learning all about the layers of the Earth as part of our Extreme Earth topic. The teachers spent their lunch time attempting to make models of the Earth out of playdough - with varying degrees of success - which were then shared with the children.

Here an is an example


If your child fancies taking on the teachers then here are the instructions to make your own Earth (thanks Twinkl!) ...


Have fun! :) 

 Here is an example of some of the amazing learning the children completed afterwards....

Year 3 Home Learning Activities









Text extract and vocabulary exploration

Reading Comprehension - VIPERS using the same extract as Monday

Character or Setting Exploration through questions.

Writing Task based on a focus.

Edit your work and submit on Purple Mash

All English Activities can be found below in this week’s English Learning Presentation


Maths video which includes an activity

Maths video which includes an activity

Maths video which includes an activity

Maths video which includes an activity

Maths video which includes an activity

All Maths Activities can be found below in this week’s Maths Learning Presentation
Maths Video Link
Want more to do?

Tasks have been set on Purple Mash look at the 2Dos:

Timestable Rockstars:

Other curriculum areas you might want to look at:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm

PE with Association for Physical Education - tailored to the National Curriculum standards


Every day at 9am -- Fitness with Joe Wicks


Science with Mrs Tuxford

Quiz – Every Monday

Science challenge / activity – Every Wednesday and Friday


Want to dive into a world of imagination or practice some breathing exercises? 

Take a look at our Youtube for a variety of different activities for you.

These will be uploaded as and when.

Music with Joe

Want to learn how to play some instruments? Why not ‘tune in’ to music with Joe every week.

Extra Home Learning Links

Want to find more activities? Why not scroll down to our Home Learning Section to find more exciting opportunities for you!


Learning Presentations - Week beginning 20.07.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 13.07.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 06.07.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 29.06.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 22.06.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 15.06.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 08.06.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 01.06.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 25.05.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 18.05.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 11.05.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 04.05.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 27.04.2020

Learning Presentations - Week beginning 20.04.2020

Welcome to Y3


Welcome to the start of your child’s journey through Fair Oak Junior School. We are continually creating exciting learning opportunities for your children and evolve our curriculum to provide interesting and exciting lessons.


Autumn Term

We start the year with a special unit to learn about our class names for the year which are all amazing artists called Art Attack. We will locate where in the world our artist lives as well as look at and re-create a variety of their work. 

We will also have a science unit based on nutrition called 'There's a rumble in my tummy'. The children will be adapting traditional tales inspired by the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain’s book Bake Me A Story and will be making and evaluating a healthy bake linked to their story.

During the second half of the term, we will learn about forces and magnets in a science unit which is titled ‘May the force be with you’. This topic will be linked to our design technology task which uses pneumatics or pushes and pulls.

Alongside all the brilliant learning, the children also lead the school with the Christmas celebrations and will be perform and sing in the December Christmas Nativity Production.








Spring Term

Our main topics for this term are We Will Rock You and Meet the Flintstones. Through these exciting topics, we will cover rocks and soils, volcanoes and earthquakes as well as Stone Age to Iron Age. There will be a visit from a virtual reality company who will take all the children in the year group on a virtual visit to Stonehenge to learn all about Stone Age life as well as travel inside a volcano to support our planet Earth geography topic.



Summer Term

We are making exciting changes to our learning this term. In 'Blooming Marvellous', we will cover the concepts of sustainability, respect and care. The concept question we will be thinking about will be: 'Houses or green space with plants and trees, Which is more important?'

The children will be reflecting and debating this question at the end of the topic when they are more informed about the role of Green Plants. I wonder what they will decide?

We will also be learning about light in  'Lights, Camera, Action'  and we plan to produce a shadow puppet show to apply our light skills and technology skills at the end of the topic.

In history, we learn all about the Ancient Greeks in ‘Groovy Greeks' There will be an Ancient Greek Day where the children (and teachers) have the opportunity to dress up as Ancient Greeks and take part in a play in a day activity. Ben from Treehouse Theatre involves all the children in a fun and interactive day. We will also be learning about the Olympics and Paralympics as well as take part in a Greek Olympic Event. 

It will be a very exciting term.



If you have any questions about the work or school routines, please speak to your child's classteacher or myself Mrs Tuxford.


We hope you have a brilliant Year 3 year with us.


Home Learning Links:

I am trying to keep the page up to date with all the brilliant things happening online and will add to this regularly. Take care everyone and look after each other. Mrs T. 


Keeping Active

Tune in at 9am for P.E. with Joe Wicks live  (You can always catch up later if you are busy at 9am)

Dance with Oti Mabuse Live

Yoga and Mindfulness are really important to help you focus or relax

Go noodle – A great channel to keep active, work on memory and have fun by yourself or with your family (my favourite is Banana, banana, meatballs, purple stew and Young Dylan)


Missing science? Of course you are!

Tune in at 11am for Let’s go live with Maddie and Greg – absolutely brilliant for science enthusiasts especially as our topic will be plants in the summer

This is an amazing way to look at our beautiful planet


National Geographic

Have a look at all the live webcams of the animals at the Edinburgh Zoo

Love animals? Check out one of my favourite places to visit in Australia

Don’t forget to look at the animals at Marwell

If you have Netflix, watch the brilliant Magic School Bus with Miss Frizz


A little bit of everything

BBC Bitesize a brilliant way to learn about all subjects



A perfect afternoon break or bedtime story



Oxford Owl



Missing coding with Mr Emerton? Ask your parents to download the free app and continue coding



Do you love drawing? You might like drawing with Rob live

Feeling crafty – try some origami. The animals are brilliant



Body percussion Live lessons at 11am


Please take a look through some of these websites. Children should be familiar with these already and a letter with their log-ins will be sent home to remind your children.

Purple Mash:

Spelling Shed:

Times Table Rockstars:



Other Useful links, which do not need log-ins: 

Pobble 365:

Top Marks:

Maths Frame:

Oxford Owl:




Finding out about our class names

To start our term, we have been learning about our class name and artists. We have had opportunities to try and re-create some of their famous artwork and you’ll see it around our shared area and in our classrooms.

Thorpe class has been learning about Mackenzie Thorpe and his abstract art which shows relations to happiness and love so you will often see hearts in his images.

Seurat class has been looking at the artwork of the French artist Georges Seurat and his technique of pointillism and how this technique can be created using different resources.

Britto class has been looking at the Brazilian artist Romero Britto who is a pop artist and uses cubism in his work. They have created images using different patterns.

Mondrian class has been looking at the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and his abstract artwork. They have re-created some of his artwork using paints of primary colours and straight lines. 

Curriculum Evening Presentation

New Intake Evening

Our classes are named after artists

Welcome to the Y3 Great British Bake Off

We have had a fantastic day baking our recipe which was inspired by the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain's book, Bake Me A Story. Each class has taken a traditional tale and adapted it to include their chosen recipe. We have been supported throughout the day by the local Women's Institute. The wonderful volunteers gave us some fantastic tips whilst we baked and they shared some of their cooking experiences. 

What a Blooming Marvellous Day

We have had a brilliant day in Year 3 learning all about Green Plants. We launched our concept topic by thinking about respect, care and beauty on Planet Earth whilst listening to What a Wonderful World and then looked at times when humans can damage the beauty by not showing enough care and respect. 

We then looked at a vast array of roots and helped Mr De Silva and David by finding an answer to their prediction. Unwanted plants (weeds) have a variety of roots; tap and fibrous. After the roots, we moved to the stem and looked at capillary action. We now know the scientific names are xylem and phloem. We are ready to find out more at Hilliers Arboretum and we can't wait. 



If you walked around the Year 3 area on Wednesday, all you would have heard was the sound of excited children and the cries of "Wow" and "Cool." The year 3 children were taken to the most amazing places via virtual reality thanks to the team at PrimeVR. They explored Stonehenge as it is today and looked at how it may have been built as well as all the theories about its purpose.  After exploring Stonehenge, they were taken inside a volcano as well as into space to look at the volcanoes on Mars. What a fabulous day we had. Jackson thoroughly enjoyed the day and said "Virtual Reality is amazing!"

Breaking News... Incredible Discovery at Fair Oak Junior School 

Stone Age remains were unearthed by the intrepid archaeologists in Y3. The children were surprised to discover that an archaeological site had been discovered by workmen over the weekend and were delighted to hear that permission had been granted to allow them access to apply their developing archaeology skills. They have all spent time today working as a team and thoroughly searching the site for any historical clues to the past. They used a variety of tools to gently uncover the artefacts and spent time predicting and questioning what they were as well as thinking about how they may have been used.  It has been a fabulous morning and many children have considered becoming an archaeologist in the future. 


I enjoyed digging and discovering history

I would find researching challenging because there may not be many clues to guide me



I really enjoyed uncovering amazing artefacts

I would find predicting how they may have been used challenging as some of the parts might be missing. The puzzle would not be able to be complete picture. 


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